• Increase the visibility and engagement of sports and entertainment brands/rights holders on social networks around the world.
  • Provide a unique experience for international fans who follow our customers on their digital platforms.
  • Offer monetization solutions for their communities of foreign fans.
  • Become a world leader in the development and monetization of fan bases in the field of sport and entertainment by 2025.
  • Excellence: the quality of our work is fundamental. The success of our customers is our priority.
  • Commitment: The commitment of our employees determines the success of our customers and consequently of our company. The development of our employees makes sustainable commitment possible.
  • Courage: our courage is expressed by our ability to anticipate strategic issues for our customers, to be constantly pro-active to adapt to the needs of tomorrow.
  • Collective Spirit: we are a united team. Team spirit is a fundamental value for Samba. We respect our colleagues, our hierarchy and our customers
  • Freedom: Samba guarantees a freedom of expression and creation to its employees, essential in the digital communication professions.
  • Family: we build a positive team and create a family environment. The human factor must always be put forward in our decision-making.